What will happind with team pakistan cwc2019

What will happind with pakistan cwc2019

Green shirts have successfully won 2 Maches in the Mega event with 6 matches pakistan team is now on the 7th position on the points table..

Pakistan against Sri Lanka, got a point, defeated 3
There are 5 points in the total, Pakistan’s next match is still unbeaten with New Zealand..what will pakistan do now newzeeland is on the top on the points table with 11 points..

After being bowled, Kawaz also defeated Afghanistan and Bangladesh in the last two matches..
So there will be 11 points and the possibility of access to the semifinal.
England and Sri Lanka teams can take out green shirts from this race
But the two matches are still of the strongest teams, hosted with 8 points
The England team has to face Australia, India and New Zealand..

All maches will enjoyable now..

In the case of at least two victories, access to the semifinal will be possible with 12 points..
If England wins a winner and 2 fails, it will have 10 points
The Pakistan team will qualify for the semifinal with 11 points.
Sri Lankan team got 6 points but I Lenders to South Africa, West Indies
And India is to be against India, victories will not be easy in all these matches
If Sri Lanka gets 2 out of 3 matches, it will have 10 points
Bangladesh currently plays six matches with 6 points in six matches
And he has to win all his remaining three matches to make the semi-finals
One of them is against Pakistan, thus reducing green shirts tigers
Can out of event, Afghanistan, West Indies and South Africa teams
The semifinal has already gone out of the race.
Points table with New Zealand 11, Australia 10 and India 9 points
But the possibility of access to the top and nest phase is illuminated…

Good luck team pakistan

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