Watermelon insects and diseases

Watermelon insects and diseases

The use of fruits and vegetables in everyday life is not only guaranteed for healthy life, but economic prosperity for the farmer is by the cabin. The size of melons and watermelon is also healthy and profitable in fruit. Especially during the summer season, it is very important to effectively reduce water deficiency. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said that “use of watermelon washes the stomach” (cleanses the diseases). It is the best fruit to remove the kidney and the bladder and remove the heat of the liver, but also protects against cancer. Watermelon in Pakistan is done on a vast area. Watermelon semi-hot dry gives good yield in the air. If fruits are hot and nights after the fruit, then fruits produce more sweetness. During severe cold or severe heat it starts to affect the recurrence process. It is very important to prepare the land well before its cultivation, otherwise the insects of the previous crop are attacked by an attack on it. Apart from this, the major diseases of watermelon include moisture and dysfunctional inflammation. Fluffy and roasted beans are so important. Due to this temperament heavy harvest crop is destroyed during harvesting. This disease is very invasive during the rain and moisture season. Initially yellow leaves appear on the leaves and the whole color of the crop becomes vegetable. If the disease increases, the branches turn upwards. In order to prevent this disease, intra-call can be used in 500 grams, Melody Dive 500 gram or Reddy Gold Gold 250 grams per 100 liters of water. In its major illnesses, the inflammation also causes a lot of damage. The attack is seen in the moderate and temperate season of the season of March and May. To avoid this, spray Nitivo 65 grams, Topson M 250 grams or score 100 liters per 100 liters of water.

Insects and their counter
During the fire, the thief bugs and red bones make a lot of harm. During February and March, frying and frying, fruits and beans, threesomes and American cindars are also invaders. Attack of thirps in warm and dry season can be severe. Fruit can be severely damaged by all insects. Fruit bean is brown. And there are yellow marks on her stomach. The fruit of the fruit gives fruit in the fruit of the fruit, which leads to the stomach and eats the fruit of the fruit and frying the fruit. They become odor and fall apart from the plant. The invaded fruit becomes useless.

It is possible to propose a lot of non-conventional ways such as use of sexual fodder, debris of male beans, use of crushed potatoes, infected fruits, and waste fruit, keeping the field clean by pressing deep in the pit.

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