U vpn new proxy settings

U vpn proxy settings

U vpn is free now just follow some steps

Do you want use free internet in pakistan…???

Today i will tell you about another working free internet vpn named U VPN you can use this vpn on ufone sim in pakistan i dont have idea that u vpn will work in other countries..
In pakistan iam using its free and fast on ufone network..
How you can use this u vpn on your device..?
First of all download it download link is available in end of this articale in click download blue button..
And after download u vpn you should do some access point settings..
Go to your network settings
Make new access point
Kanhar tube
Proxy adress
If 80 port not works you should re enter port as 8080
Just save your new access point settings and activate
Now go to your u vpn open on package if u vpn is not proper works on your device..
After that change your internet connection settings to ufone network and now your free internet is ready…
Ufone sim is not working in some qmobile phones like
X2 energy.
M350 pro.
May be some more devices…
If just 2g network comes in your mobile in ufone sim that means your mobile network settings will not working for ufone 3g network this my personal experiance using qmobile phones in pakistan..
Thats end of the articale tick care we will meet again in next intresting articale bye..

U vpn proxy settings is working in all android devices

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