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Poor token system of government hospitals!

By | June 26, 2019

Poor token system of government hospitals! in pakistan Jhelum is one of the largest and well-known district hospitals of Jhelum district in District Headquarters hospitals in Punjab’s District Headquarters hospitals, also a hospital where patients reach a distance of about 500 km away. The purpose of introducing a computer token system in the District Head… Read More »

Power of social media (pakistan)

By | June 26, 2019

The power of social media (pakistan) Pakistan is probably the only country in the world where criticism is not tolerated in opposition. It is common to criticize and oppose organizations, governments, parties and groups around the world, but this criticism is also kept to a extent. Before social media, criticism was criticized by newspapers, television and public… Read More »

2019 circket world cup and team pakistan

By | June 24, 2019

2019 circket world cup and team pakistan..!!! Today, where the heat is on rise, the World Cup has been heat-catching cricketers. Cricket in Pakistan is not a high-level sports game of streets. The exit of these streets, many times, with their determination, has raised the head of the country, but where the winner increases the… Read More »