Six, who will be memorable in the history of cricket


Six, who will be memorable in the history of cricketT

here is a long list of such batsmen, but Shahid Afridi and Chris Gayle are headed by them..

sir griffin sobers first man on the list

The batsmen in the history of cricket, who had first hit six sixs in an over, were all the head quarters of West Indies Sir Griffin Sobers. In 1968, the act performed against the team of Gamemorgan in the county of the circket

Harshill Gibbs gibbs the six sixes in the world cup

anyone in the Cricket World Cup 2007 can not performed as a Harshill Gibbs performed. In 2007, it also happened. In South Africa in West Indies, South Africa’s striking batsman Harshill Gibbs played six in six overs against the Netherlands. He performed this lead in the 30th over match. The overs was snapped by the sniper of the Netherlands Don Van Benedge. Long on, Long off, Long off, Mend wicket, Long off and Mid wicket were put on every side. After West Indies’ headyard Sobers and Ravi Shastri of India, he was the first batsmen who won this honor, but did both of them do in the first class cricket. Gibbs performed this lead in the World Cup.

first time in t20 hit six sixes yuviraj singh

India’s Yuraj Singh became the first batsmen who won a six-match honey in the T20 match. They did this against England He became the first and six other batsman in the international cricket in this format of the game that could do so. In the 19th over of the match, Stewart Broad, who was bowling for a quick balls, kept Yuraj Singh and bowled every twelve to the boundary.

the winner of sharja javed miandad

On April 18, 1986, Mahindandad, who will never forget the cricket fans in Pakistan and India. The final ball in the Australian Cup finals needed four runs to win Pakistan. India’s fast bowler Chaitan Sharma was bowling in front of Manandad. Mandandad saw the field with great patience, but took a long time and focused on the bowler. The last ball of Chiten Sharma came on the straight bowling of Manandad and he wasted no moment, and threw him out of the ground towards mid-wicket. Chitin Sharma later said in an interview that what was going on in his mind in the last over of the match. He said he thought twice what ball would he do now. He kept in run-up and got the decision in the mind but when the ball came straight to the bowling of Mendadad and ended the match.

Virender Sehwag. I’ll hit if I touch

Virender Sehwag was the first batsmen of India who made Triple and when he was rolling out with his role model Sachin Tandulkar on the other side of the crane with non-strikers. He stole Sagalin Mushtaq by stopping this action. “I was on 295 runs when I told Sachin whether the ball was white, it was faster or whatever I wanted,” he said. Did the same and then made the fastest triple series of Test cricket. Three years later, he made another triple series against South Africa, which is the fastest triumph for today.

shahid afridi the game changer

shahid afridi is one of the most popular sixer heroes in circket history his odi fastest recod is always be mantioned with his name the famous afridi circket name is boom boom afridi

chris gayle the enemy of the ball

chiris gayle is very dangerous player sixer in these presant days in circket the sixer machine made most sixes recods with his bat..

these are most value able circkters in circket history the sixes masters

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