Power of social media (pakistan)

The power of social media (pakistan)

Pakistan is probably the only country in the world where criticism is not tolerated in opposition. It is common to criticize and oppose organizations, governments, parties and groups around the world, but this criticism is also kept to a extent. Before social media, criticism was criticized by newspapers, television and public gatherings, but opposition and criticism took place under the introduction of social media. Every minute activity in any part of the world in a minute instantly reaches people through social media. Social media utility is not really denied, but often in Pakistan, social media is used negatively. His work seems to be criticized by others except for his work, temptation, and obligation, with contradictions. Through social media people often try to achieve their fun goals by promoting negative steps for cheap reputation. Through social media where political, social And economic issues are discussed, there is also a discussion of sensitive and important topics like religion. Situated in any corner of the world through social media, Masroha elements used to wash the barnains of ordinary people and used them in the worst incidents of terrorism. If the use of social media was common, Fateh came out in a way out of corruption. In order to spread terror, extremism, extremism, and spread terror in Pakistan, the enemy used social media to be fully equipped with the rest of the world due to lack of proper management of social media in Pakistan. His agent was sitting in Pakistan by his agent elements. The enemy was unhealthy that unlike political, economic and social issues, there would be immediate reactions to a sensitive issue like religion, so many events in the country will be in front of you where people are ready to die fighting against false rumors. Gone, at some point, people engaged in false rumors, killed or killed the illiterate people, and criminals were saved by misguiding many true events by social media. After the terrorist incidents in Pakistan after the Pak Army launched operations against terrorists, the enemy propagated against the Pak Army by spreading the pictures of the US terrorist in the world by misguiding the operation through the gold buying agents sitting abroad. And till now the enemy is continuing to propagate against the protectors of Pakistan. The mosque of Lal Masjid or the mosque in Rawalpindi is a tragedy, the Model Town is a tragedy or the movement of movement on the Yaroslav, in every incident, the rumors will continue to trigger rumor through social media. Last day, almost all the people on social media appeared to have condemned the incident on the alleged martyrdom of prominent blogger and social media activist Bilal Khan. Of course Bilal Khan On the social media media, PTM Ho Mubarak Lekak, Bilal Khan raised an open voice on every incident. Habib Jabal’s memory was remembered on Bilal Khan’s death
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Last week, Minister for Science & Technology, Fadad Chaudhary, killed a large number of senior Sami Ibrahim at his age in a ceremony after the heat of the heat of the news with Boliv News Senator Ankara Sami Ibrahim. Sami Ibrahim’s crime was made to double the efforts of Fuad Chaudhary while the tweets were being tackled on several important events of the Pakistan People’s Party from the micro handling officer of the micro-blogging website, Fuad Hussain Chaudhary. Over the past few years, the storm on social media is a disgraceful evil. Political opponents, trying to spread their position by buying anchor, columnist or newspaper, are now spreading their position by buying social media activists, the same enemy is increasing its generation war by its agents in its own country. Answer the propaganda’s mouth against your armed forces in the social media war. With anti-country activities on patriotism on social media Please buy Critique, give your position, but with ethics, with proper words. Parents need to take a look at their children so that your child is discussing the subjects, sitting up with the wings. Save your loved ones from being used in wrong hands.

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