Poor token system of government hospitals!

Poor token system of government hospitals! in pakistan

Jhelum is one of the largest and well-known district hospitals of Jhelum district in District Headquarters hospitals in Punjab’s District Headquarters hospitals, also a hospital where patients reach a distance of about 500 km away. The purpose of introducing a computer token system in the District Head Quarters hospitals across Punjab is to facilitate check-ups on every turn and turn on every special and general. The computer token hospitals across Punjab’s government hospitals, along with the sorry sorry hospital, have made a pain for patients and surgeons instead of chanting a check-up.

Like all over the world, patients need to be made for at least dozen counters of counters, but sorry, Jhelum has been provided such cases only in three places.
If the patient with the age and gender in a token system, if patient’s problems with the patient’s computer were token, the patients would not have a valuable timeframe. Survivors do not make themselves patient when they take care. Because after receiving a computer token from the Jhelum Civil Hospital, a counter was made in front of a doctor room where the patient is sent to the “General Practitioner’s room” and four men (two women + two men) There are women, and females carry voyage, even though the counter is not needed from the end. The same work should be taken from the Registrar Counter, with the duration of the staff and the patient’s head, the patients and the head’s head will end.

Secondly, after the General Practitioner check-up, if the patient refers to the consultant for the consultant, General Packaging sends the patient’s file to the corresponding doctor with the corresponding doctor and the oral patient is said to be in the special doctor’s room. Here it is important to note that when the patient arrives with his respective doctor, the patient standing out, sends the patient to another desk instead of going inside and said that there is a computer entry from there. When it arrives on the desk then it takes into lane and when the patient gets wasted at this time

The patient / patient with the patient arrives on the second or third days, then it is said to get a computer token after receiving an hour after the tokens and then contact the counter at which the counter is not needed. Then again, the refineries from the medical officer and the other non-essential counterpart for consultant consultants.

The patient of Allah Allah taxed the “specialist” to pity. The doctor has to use two three options, such as patient-made medicines and sent the patient’s data “pharmacy” to the system. Second option blood tests or acertions etc. Specialist doctors also send patient patients to labs or acres etc.

The question arises. If the data system is updating, why unnecessary counter unnecessary staff is cause of injury rather than the patient’s rope and another thing, when another patient fixes the stomach and fixes all the steps, then to recover the medicine. The lines like Ramadan are Chinese consumers. Some people get success in getting medicines, and some children stand up and tire back and return, “give everyone all the pioneers and bloves.”

To ensure and correct the token system, it is necessary that by removing unnecessary desks, “District Head Quarters”, at least ten of the computer registration and at least five “five registration desks” in Tehsil Head Quarters hospitals. Provided that the patient receives a token that is better and easily understood and the serial number of all tokens is the first registered, the number one registered later will be issued later no later than the registration counter. .

In a Yadav rooms, “Medical Officers” should be seated in a dozen. After consulting the patient, send them to the “System-patient Patient Data Pharmacy” or for the specialist doctor’s services, refine the patient and tell the patient to get medicines or to the specialist. Or you should take a lab for your blood-uring test. Then patients or surgeons / remedies should not be taken to any unnecessary desk, but this is the staff of the Paragraph Medical Staff to be put into pharmacy as soon as possible. After reaching a patient’s data, keep these medicines ready to get the patient to be called to the pharmacist, as well as get the patient’s medication.

It may be possible that it may be difficult, but it is not impossible and is very beneficial.

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