Polio vaccines and rumors..!

Polio vaccines and rumors..!!

Our current significance in Pakistan’s countless references is the significance of the meaningful references in the present world, and it is included in the world’s top ten countries, and if integrated economic policies can be included in the economic top-ten countries for a period, it is not a lack of talent in this nation. Too much reputation has been repetitioned. The fact that the inhabitants of this country are really worth the talent, but these talents are not used in the right direction. There are witnesses that this nation has played a game in the context of politics, government, State and everything happened to be good when we Politics is playing Togo, and when the government is in the ” change in system, betting order channels, ambitious fingers and stands like captains ” are the verbs of language like verbal activities, we get rid of negative activities. The Facebook Encyclopedia has spread the entire nation. Any mischief and spread of fire extinguishes spread across the fire. In recent days, a unique news media regarding Polio vaccine has been reported, a soldier, Parampuppuri’s people, got ridiculous about this news that he forgot everything. Polio vaccine The bus was born in Shower. This nation would be offered to one of his own hospitals, and he would be offered a sacrifice for the abolition of the thief, but the Shari’at of the Shariat had spent billions of rupees of the people in one day, the hospital, which was given to Kaushwarshashish Kyaiyab in the same way as HUH at least five million The hospitals were brought to hospital without any need to get hospitalized hospitals where patients with a large number of patients come to hospitals in the hospitals of the entire hospitals of the province who have spent billions of dollars up to the wastes of the country. This investment co-operation has increased the lives of polio virus. Now, their safety will have to be spent per day and there will be more security, and there is no need to leave any of our sisters and our daughters and sisters in our streets. They have been punished by our nation, which crime has been committed to this nation. The earning of the nation is not so much as much as it wins because of its foolishness, despite the passage of 25 years in Pakistan, 25 years of age passed by polio vaccine capacitus in 1994, due to failure of this program, we offer overseas polio certificates abroad. We are aware of the international sanctions on international airport providers, and we have a reputation for drug smuggling and in Gujranwimes. Any airport in the world looks like a doubt, now we are also physically involved in becoming hateful. To avoid this contamination, those who spread rumors against the antibiotic program have to do so, that we have passed the polio vaccine in 25 years, although there is a decline in the disease, there are 306 polio vaccers in the world, but God has increased significantly in this number. Earlier the campaign was successful, the next campaign could succeed. Eighty children saved from disability in 1995. Since 1994, the program has announced that after the infant virus has been infected, our negligence can be terminated as a result of our failure. We are more likely to get rid of this disease in a different way. Atomic countries are capable of missileing large powers in missile technology, we can not achieve glucose from a single disease, we have to destroy low and low levels and give examples of Europe in growth and want to go ahead. Magazines all want to do with ideas and ideas, our condition in the field of practice is that we stand in the rows of the few backward countries of the world, where polio virus system still exists, but we are also serious in eliminating it from our country. Never let’s add polio vaccine to a family planning, sometimes by brutality, or any other world around us, we adopt an important role in this vaccine. In the past five years, countless Jammu and Kashmir, health experts, experts, and religious scholars have called polio vaccine. The futures are present in this regard, but we are bound to announce the billions of rupees program, which sometimes describe it with the conspiracies of the Jews, sometimes mutually transplanted, sometimes it turns out poisonous, and a specific tool is to showcase the dates of patriotism. It is activated against this vaccine and we also make the predictions of the eyes of the Jews. If we have to put poison on us, then the majority of religions are Jewish companies. What we have ever imagined in the funeral procession? The Jews have to poison us and there are many ways. According to polio vaccine, our experts are absolutely safe, not any adverse effects of it, nor to bring negative propaganda against it, in the school where the school first denied the polio vaccine and in the meantime propaganda Diazas Kasambasbb is necessary against mosques. The people brought out the laws of the law brought out from the world of statements, to attack the country’s enemy elements, so that our children can be successful and we can avoid being prepared by the poor army of disabled, disabled and beyond. Wim being solicited by pulyuuyksyn gryzkrnahuga coming against the negative propaganda of any kind while you’re offline

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