please stop smoking


….please stop smoking….

this is my first articale in about health so what is the proper disaster of health in pakistan..?Representatives of Ministry of Health Services say that Pakistan is involved in 15 countries of the world where burden is the most health problems and cure of tobacco due to it. Referring to the 2015 report of the Global Addict to the Kosovo, NHH representative addressed the seminar organized by the Society for Safety Actress, said that in Pakistan there is a daily or a thousand to twelve people who are about 6 Between 15 years, they begin to drink cigarettes. They said that Pakistan comprises 60% of its population, which are under 25 years of age, whereas young people are suffering from smoking at a risk of smoking. Which requires strict taxpayers and monitoring of sales for younger people of cigarettes.

He said that the most important aspect of all these situations is the burden of country-based health problems that cost 143 billion rupees as the revenue generated by these products is 83 billion rupees, which clearly shows that the national treasury is damaged. Tobacco companies face tobacco are targeting young people and women to expand their market in the future, there are laws to reduce healthy life promotion and tobacco sales tobacco. Non-preventive people drink cigarettes at public places, close to academic centers and less than 18 years of age The agency includes measures to ban smoking cigarettes, but these restrictions do not showcase, according to an estimated 14-year-old children smoking at 40 percent, while it also has 6 million deaths annually.

so smoking is the most dangerous issue of all countries not only for pakistan the health department do will do nothing if we con’t forget smoking..

please stop smoking..!!!

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