How to handle operation from normal delivery ?? Just think

How to handle operation from normal delivery ?? Just think

After marriage in human life, children have a special gift, blessing and mercy. There is a great marriage in Islam. Going in front of the present era, there are very few cases in which births of birth are not operational, normal delivery. Why in the present era? Some have said past simple, science less progressive or lack of awareness in the people, but in the writing that all the matters are described in a very good manner. It is written that we are extremely It can be useful and beneficial.
The doctors are opening too much tears to pregnant women. The supplements of ca and iron are called kin in wisdom, avoid them …
Whoever wrote this writing has written the facts, often seen pregnant women and newly born children suffer from serious problems, in this regard, the reasons for this are explained on a clear allegation.
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A friend’s question
Why are the delays not normal today?
Although the latest hospitals are currently available, facilities are available …
When a woman is expected, she goes to Lady Doctor immediately
🧬 Nine months regularly check-ups are monitored
It also consumes prescribed medicines
They also pay their expensive fees …
But when the delivery time comes, then why the case is not normal? ??
Nine months continuously eating folic acid and calcium tablets … and planting venofer’s drums ….
Why is blood loss at delivery time?

My honey

The answer to this question is like that
The biggest reason for not being pregnant … Musculer tissues should be tough
And damping stems. Lyphatic liquids are reduced


The same chances of the child will be normal for the flexibility and flexibility of the woman’s body.
And the more difficult you will be, the more likely the operation will be

The following factors narrow and tighten the women’s smileular tissues of the body’s body, and the lympatic liquids are also reduced to the inside of them.
Which works for a laboratory, against nature and nature when we go, nature will punish us.
That is why we have to go through the operation because of the punishment of nature turning away.
There are huge buildings,
There are hospitals …
There are expensive doctors.
Expensive medicines and expensive injections …
Air conditioned room


Everything can never be replaced by nature … Lure of money and lust and distance ….
It is the second reason for the patient’s life and health over the patient’s pocket. Women prefer to be comfortable and imagine that after pregnancy does not work
Stay tuned all day … making smilech tissues and especially Oori devices make it soft and flexible, rather than stiff and hard ….
Instead of staying late, if special exercise specializes in the last months
Or do you work home? Just as a broom …
Distributing …
This will drive the ovaries
Which will cause heat to soften the gates ….
When we apply folic acid or venofer injection
So, because of this iron, the body parts will harden the extremists
Because it is a diet diet
The way to open the way and the more turbulent …
If its place
Black tea
What’s New?
So it will get natural body acid and blood in a small amount
And the body’s smileous tissue will be powerful and gentle instead of becoming tougher.
And to Guarantee, if the children are ready to write, the child will also be born. Remember calcium tablets on the other hand tightens the bones .. Nine months after eating nutritious calcium tablets, both mother and child bone bone …..
So you can guess that Mr. Smoker Tushz was too tight ..
That is why sometimes it is said that
The baby’s head is growing
The mother’s bone is a heavyweight, the operation will be …
Good morning nine months open blind pills, when you leave a normal delivery opportunity.
Because of this, there is more money than the operations are to be made with money.
… if natural calcium
If it is fed, it is said to the guarantee that there is no reduction in calcium
And the bones were strong, but I do not mind
Do not worry
Yes !!! The sale of the cell must be reduced
Commissions must be less …
Store cell decreases
I would have fought
Bank balance decreases.
Due to low income …
Because practically our belief is on Allah and on humanity
There is 1000% in speeches and conversations … a major reason for not being a malware …
As I have said, be bone hardened .. Masculine Tissues are tightened by reducing flexibility and lack of moisture saliva.
Those who work for the libraries … last month for all of them .. For centuries, the formula used to be used by our methods
One was physical exercise and exercise
The foot of the foot …. the other important thing
Desi Ghee .
The tiles
Was used
Putting milk in …
in which
The heat
There are plenty of money.
To leave it …
And keeping the women lying on the bed all day
And Eating calcium folic acid tablets
And venifer’s injection … Then the day and the day of cruelty is cruel .. Shelter

One of the shades of blaze is blown away.
The body is shown.
Whichever phrase is up to the width

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