Blood donation can save someone’s life ……!

Blood donation can save someone’s life ……!

Blood body is an integral component of human being rotating in different parts of the body through heart and skin. According to medical experts, every adult’s body contains blood from approximately 1.2 gallons to 1.5 gallons, 4.5 liters to 5.5 liters. While in any accidental situation, severe illness or surgery, a person may need the need for blood, plasma, white cell. Blood donations are very important and necessary to save valuable human lives. Every year on June 14 is celebrated on the day of blood donor day blood donor, aimed at highlighting the awareness of blood transfers, as well as all those people. It is encouraged to donate your blood without any personal greed to save others’ lives. The blood donating blood to any needy patient is counted in charity, Allaah Almighty has described the saving of a human being as a means of saving the life of all human beings. While with the help of any other man, power creates fortune and prosperity, and man rescues from every type of disaster and deprivation.

Most people believe that donating blood has negative effects on human health, while it is not accurate. Each healthy person has approximately one liter (i.e. two to three bottles) in excess of blood, experts say that every healthy person should have donated blood at least two times a year in it The negative effects are not compatible, but those who donate blood are healthy. The blood that is taken to blood donates the human body in three days, while blood cells become in 56 days and new blood cells are more healthy and powerful than old blood that can save humans from many diseases. Are there It is also necessary to give once three months or more after donating blood. According to a research from the American Medical Association, those who donate blood donatively, reduce heart failure and chances of getting rid of cancer are up to 95 percent. The iron affects the heart, liver and lung of the human due to the amount of iron in the body and its low emissions, while the research has proved that donating blood to balance the amount of iron in the body is a very useful process. Is. This procedure helps in preventing bleeding in blood and improves blood flow in the body. Donors regularly do not suffer from obesity because blood pressure reduces body fat and helps in controlling weight. After blood donation, becoming a new blood creates a face in the face and prevents the effects of growth over the face.

The number of people donating blood in other countries of the world is very high, but regret that there are only 1 to 2 percent of those people who donate blood voluntarily while other people donate blood in accidents or other serious cases. . According to experts, according to our health, there is only 120 days of blood pressure in our body, so why should not we save those blood loss, raise awareness of the service of the person, help us to donate blood and save someone’s life. Blood group must be known for the safe transfer of blood, mainly blood groups are divided into four types namely A, B, O, and AB, which is divided into positive and negative Is. Group O blood can be transmitted to all groups of patients while group A blood can be transferred A and AB, Group B to B and AB and Group AB blood only to AB group patients. However, The age of 17 to 50 years and weight is approximately 50kg, he can donate blood. Apart from this, donor tests are done during the donation of blood, including the test of hepatitis BC, AIDS, malaria and fireworks, due to which From donor to any of his hidden diseases is also aware before it gets irritated.

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