2019 circket world cup and team pakistan

2019 circket world cup and team pakistan..!!!

Today, where the heat is on rise, the World Cup has been heat-catching cricketers. Cricket in Pakistan is not a high-level sports game of streets. The exit of these streets, many times, with their determination, has raised the head of the country, but where the winner increases the passion and love of the opponents, the disappointment and disappointment With a wave of anger, players can not survive from the side and if the match is of India and Pakistan, then the whole world spreads a lot of sensation and people will come to the same competition. Now in such a defeat, There is no less. The emotions of the community are touching the seventh sky, where the necklaces make fire buggy.

According to the recent figures, the performance of the Pakistan cricket team is not a good and happy one who is happy to see, but still hopes for the World Cup, then the victory of the United Kingdom with them has strengthened them. But then with the help of Australia and India, the bad performance in the match has also become angry with the atmosphere of frustration and now it is spread like a fire, where the flow of emotions is very fast, which is taking all its wings.

It should be the end to the team that is so much money. People buy so much expensive tickets and do not do anything from you and other actions are being separated. People like this have the right to emotionally. And should express, but here are some things that should be considered.

After the match with India, the people are washing the team with Excel Survival because we do not match India with any war where we have to make all the calculations, the child is introduced to this child, but the thing to think is As long as this is happening, the world is also proud of it. If this fight continues, the breeds will destroy and the media will make it more windy and remain and will emerge emotions because earning money.

On the poor performance, criticism of all the Pakistan team is criticized, and there are many things that should be criticized and made but not all of them should forget their limits. We often fall very much in fun jokes and weaken the boundaries if we ourselves ourselves pierce ourselves, then we will bring fun of our respects. When we can wear our necklace on our performance, we should accept them badly but badly, in the way that nobody’s honor and respect can be taken and it can not be honored. And do not make fun of yourself .If it is remembered that this is the surprise that millions of people had welcomed them in the year 2017, and the head was covered with eyes, now accept this situation. One of our friends says that if we are free then we need to support Pakistan. If people of Pakistan take out the tricks on these cricketers, then people of other countries will call them badly. We need to play cricket as well as hockey players. Because LateTime did not make any hockey sponsor even when sports camps are necessary, but because because there is no need to operate this way, why do you do it? The newspaper of India does not even make news about the channel hockey. If every game is advertised then everyone will be attached to each game.

It is also appropriate that there are some things here that should be questioned as Sarfraz Ahmed’s fitness day is becoming worse. See Superstar seems to be reaching forty but he is just twenty-two. This is a serious and auspicious question and Sarfaraz is very cautious to pay attention to it. If the captain does not take care of his fitness, then the players will dodge the ground. Fitness plays a real role in the game, fielding is not good since our years because our boys do not have a fitness world class. And politics that flew legs everywhere, day body is also becoming popular in cricket and destruction is causing which questions should be taken and criticism should also be done by entering the team in the team do not show bonding. The one who is very upset and questioned it.

But support all your team as well as do good conditions, criticize, but considering the boundaries, do not take funeral values, because their respect is subject to the absence of Pakistan and the honor of Pakistan, our dignity Is.

pakistan lose always worldcup maches againist india in this 2019 world cup is same but our pakistani nation’s prayers always with pakistan

2019 circket world cup and team pakistan good luck team pakistan..!!

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